Dart Frog - Species Lists and specific information

Species Specific care and husbandry information. Genus and Species Lists.
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  • Adelphobates Genus
    Adelphobates captivus (Myers, 1982)
    Adelphobates castaneoticus (Caldwell and Myers, 1990)
    Adelphobates galactonotus (Steindachner, 1864)
    Adelphobates quinquevittatus (Steindachner, 1864)
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  • Ameerega Genus
    Ameerega andinus
    Ameerega bassleri
    Ameerega bilinguis
    Ameerega bolivianus
    Ameerega braccatus
    Ameerega cainarachi
    Ameerega erythromos
    Ameerega flavopicta
    Ameerega hahneli
    Ameerega ingeri
    Ameerega labialis
    Ameerega macero
    Ameerega parvulus
    Ameerega peruviridis
    Ameerega petersi
    Ameerega picta
    Ameerega planipaleae
    Ameerega pongoensis
    Ameerega pulchripectis
    Ameerega rubriventris
    Ameerega silverstonei
    Ameerega simulans
    Ameerega smaragdinus
    Ameerega trivittata
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  • Andinobates Genus
    •Andinobates abditus
    •Andinobates altobueyensis
    •Andinobates bombetes
    •Andinobates claudiae
    •Andinobates daleswansoni
    •Andinobates dorisswansonae
    •Andinobates fulguritus
    •Andinobates minutus
    •Andinobates opisthomelas
    •Andinobates tolimensis
    •Andinobates viridis
    •Andinobates virolinensis
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  • Colostethus Genus
    Colostethus agilis
    Colostethus alacris
    Colostethus alagoanus
    Colostethus alessandroi
    Colostethus atopoglossus
    Colostethus ayarzaguenai
    Colostethus baeobatrachus
    Colostethus beebei
    Colostethus betancuri
    Colostethus brachistriatus
    Colostethus breviquartus
    Colostethus breweri
    Colostethus bromelicola
    Colostethus brunneus
    Colostethus cacerensis
    Colostethus caeruleodactylus
    Colostethus capixaba
    Colostethus capurinensis
    Colostethus caribe
    Colostethus carioca
    Colostethus chalcopis
    Colostethus degranvillei
    Colostethus delatorreae
    Colostethus dunni
    Colostethus dysprosium
    Colostethus edwardsi
    Colostethus fraterdanieli
    Colostethus fugax
    Colostethus fuliginosus
    Colostethus furviventris
    Colostethus goianus
    Colostethus granti
    Colostethus guanayensis
    Colostethus humilis
    Colostethus imbricolus
    Colostethus infraguttatus
    Colostethus inguinalis
    Colostethus jacobuspetersi
    Colostethus juanii
    Colostethus kaiei
    Colostethus kingsburyi
    Colostethus lacrimosus
    Colostethus latinasus
    Colostethus lynchi
    Colostethus machalilla
    Colostethus mandelorum
    Colostethus marchesianus
    Colostethus mcdiarmidi
    Colostethus melanolaemus
    Colostethus mertensi
    Colostethus murisipanensis
    Colostethus nidicola
    Colostethus olfersioides
    Colostethus palmatus
    Colostethus panamensis
    Colostethus parimae
    Colostethus parkerae
    Colostethus peruvianus
    Colostethus picacho
    Colostethus poecilonotus
    Colostethus praderioi
    Colostethus pratti
    Colostethus pseudopalmatus
    Colostethus pulchellus
    Colostethus ramirezi
    Colostethus ranoides
    Colostethus roraima
    Colostethus ruthveni
    Colostethus saltuensis
    Colostethus sanmartini
    Colostethus shrevei
    Colostethus stepheni
    Colostethus subfolionidificans
    Colostethus talamancae
    Colostethus tamacuarensis
    Colostethus tepuyensis
    Colostethus thorntoni
    Colostethus trilineatus
    Colostethus ucumari Grant, 2007
    Colostethus undulates
    Colostethus yaguara
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  • Dendrobates Genus
    Dendrobates auratus
    Dendrobates azureus
    Dendrobates leucomelas
    Dendrobates tinctorius
    Dendrobates truncatus
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  • Epipedobates Genus
    Epipedobates anthonyi
    Epipedobates azureiventris
    Epipedobates boulengeri
    Epipedobates espinosai
    Epipedobates femoralis
    Epipedobates maculatus
    Epipedobates myersi
    Epipedobates rufulus
    Epipedobates tricolor
    Epipedobates zaparo
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  • Excidobates Genus
    Excidobates captivus -Myers, 1982, revised in Twomey and Brown, 2008
    Excidobates mysteriosus - Myers, 1982, revised in Schulte, 1990
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  • Hyloxalus Genus
    Hyloxalus abditaurantius
    Hyloxalus aeruginosus
    Hyloxalus anthracinus
    Hyloxalus argyrogaster
    Hyloxalus awa
    Hyloxalus azureiventris (Sky-blue Poison Frog)
    Hyloxalus betancuri
    Hyloxalus bocagei
    Hyloxalus borjai
    Hyloxalus cevallosi
    Hyloxalus chlorocraspedus
    Hyloxalus chocoensis
    Hyloxalus elachyhistus
    Hyloxalus eleutherodactylus
    Hyloxalus exasperatus
    Hyloxalus excisus
    Hyloxalus faciopunctulatus
    Hyloxalus fallax
    Hyloxalus fascianiger
    Hyloxalus fuliginosus
    Hyloxalus idiomelus
    Hyloxalus insulatus
    Hyloxalus lehmanni
    Hyloxalus leucophaeus
    Hyloxalus littoralis
    Hyloxalus maculosus
    Hyloxalus maquipucuna
    Hyloxalus marmoreoventris
    Hyloxalus mittermieri
    Hyloxalus mystax
    Hyloxalus nexipus
    Hyloxalus parcus
    Hyloxalus patitae
    Hyloxalus peculiaris
    Hyloxalus pinguis
    Hyloxalus pulchellum
    Hyloxalus pulcherrimus
    Hyloxalus pumilus
    Hyloxalus ramosi
    Hyloxalus ruizi
    Hyloxalus saltuarius
    Hyloxalus sauli
    Hyloxalus shuar
    Hyloxalus sordidatus
    Hyloxalus spilotogaster
    Hyloxalus subpunctatus
    Hyloxalus sylvaticus
    Hyloxalus toachi
    Hyloxalus utcubambensis
    Hyloxalus vergeli
    Hyloxalus vertebralis
    Hyloxalus whymperi
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    Last post Hyloxalus azureiventris Photo…
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    Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:48 pm
  • Oophaga Genus
    Oophaga arborea
    Oophaga granulifera
    Oophaga histrionica
    Oophaga lehmanni
    Oophaga occultator
    Oophaga pumilio
    Oophaga speciosa
    Oophaga sylvatica
    Oophaga vicentei
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  • Phyllobates Genus
    Phyllobates aurotaenia (Boulenger, 1913)
    Phyllobates bicolor (Duméril and Bibron, 1841)
    Phyllobates lugubris (Schmidt, 1857)
    Phyllobates terribilis (Myers, Daly, and Malkin, 1978)
    Phyllobates vittatus (Cope, 1893)
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  • Ranitomeya Genus
    R. abdita - R. altobueyensis - R. amazonica - R. biolat - R. bombetes - R. claudiae - R. cyanovittata - R. daleswansoni - R. defleri - R. dorisswansonae - R. duellmani - R. fantastica - R. flavovittata - R. fulgurita - R. ignea - R. imitator - R. intermedia - R. lamasi - R. minuta - R. opisthomelas - R. reticulata - R. rubrocephala - R. sirensis -R. summersi- R. tolimensis - R. uakarii - R. vanzolinii - R. variabilis - R. ventrimaculata - R. viridis - R. virolinensis - R. yavaricola
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