Colostethus Genus

Colostethus agilis
Colostethus alacris
Colostethus alagoanus
Colostethus alessandroi
Colostethus atopoglossus
Colostethus ayarzaguenai
Colostethus baeobatrachus
Colostethus beebei
Colostethus betancuri
Colostethus brachistriatus
Colostethus breviquartus
Colostethus breweri
Colostethus bromelicola
Colostethus brunneus
Colostethus cacerensis
Colostethus caeruleodactylus
Colostethus capixaba
Colostethus capurinensis
Colostethus caribe
Colostethus carioca
Colostethus chalcopis
Colostethus degranvillei
Colostethus delatorreae
Colostethus dunni
Colostethus dysprosium
Colostethus edwardsi
Colostethus fraterdanieli
Colostethus fugax
Colostethus fuliginosus
Colostethus furviventris
Colostethus goianus
Colostethus granti
Colostethus guanayensis
Colostethus humilis
Colostethus imbricolus
Colostethus infraguttatus
Colostethus inguinalis
Colostethus jacobuspetersi
Colostethus juanii
Colostethus kaiei
Colostethus kingsburyi
Colostethus lacrimosus
Colostethus latinasus
Colostethus lynchi
Colostethus machalilla
Colostethus mandelorum
Colostethus marchesianus
Colostethus mcdiarmidi
Colostethus melanolaemus
Colostethus mertensi
Colostethus murisipanensis
Colostethus nidicola
Colostethus olfersioides
Colostethus palmatus
Colostethus panamensis
Colostethus parimae
Colostethus parkerae
Colostethus peruvianus
Colostethus picacho
Colostethus poecilonotus
Colostethus praderioi
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pseudopalmatus
Colostethus pulchellus
Colostethus ramirezi
Colostethus ranoides
Colostethus roraima
Colostethus ruthveni
Colostethus saltuensis
Colostethus sanmartini
Colostethus shrevei
Colostethus stepheni
Colostethus subfolionidificans
Colostethus talamancae
Colostethus tamacuarensis
Colostethus tepuyensis
Colostethus thorntoni
Colostethus trilineatus
Colostethus ucumari Grant, 2007
Colostethus undulates
Colostethus yaguara
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