Some other Dart Frog Websites that I like

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Some other Dart Frog Websites that I like

Postby Philsuma » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:20 pm

These are sites that I like. This list is not an endorsement by me or Dart If one of these owners has a problem with being listed here (contact me), or would like to reciprocate with a link or handshake - that alone would be appreciated. I'll add or subtract to this list in time.

Tor Linbo
Just a well made, great site with a ton of good information
Don't know who's site this is, but it's very good looking

Phil Tan

Arizona Dendrobate Ranch
Amanda & Greg Sihler

Vampire Frogs (I know, weird huh ?)
German Dart Frog website but VERY slick. Understanding German would probably help, as well.

Arguably the BEST site for Dart Frogs
Cool Japanese Website

Tropical Experience - Dutch. Awesome. - Dennis Nilsson - Sweden
Also, excellent Photography

Chris Miller - Chicago
Impressive Thumbnail Collection
Also "Purebred dart frogs"

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