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I'll offer to go to 'most' Central and S. American countries

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:29 am
by Philsuma
I have received one serious PM and one 'snarkish' PM...both basically telling me "if there are such big problems with the hobby and other country's programes ect...why don't you go [down there] do something about it".


I absolutely can. I've been to Central America three times already. I'm in between selling my house (which I CAN do long distance if need be) and moving down south before the start of the Fall bags can be packed. I have a little bit of time.

I'll post, I'll blog, I'll photojournal, I'll GPS document....whatever.

Someone wants this done from an objective point of view...floats my travel...then PM me or email me here at (

If it's going to help someone like Wikiri, ect...then the offer stands.