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WTT NAIB True Sips

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:26 pm
by joneill809
I have multiple NAIB Dendrobates tinctorius "True Sipaliwini" froglets and subadults that I am willing to trade for other F2 froglets or sub adults. I am will consider trading multiple F2 froglets / subadults if you have a calling F1 male available. I am looking to establish a second pair of NAIB True Sips to strengthen the old line animals with locale data. I have a producing F1 pair, and an extra F1 female that I need a male for. I have been growing out this F2 animal for a while that may be a male, but it's too early to tell:
NAIB true sip F2 subadult

NAIB true sip F2 subadult

I have multiple F2 froglets as well:
NAIB true sips F2 froglets

NAIB true sip F2 froglet close up
truesip-f2-froglet.jpg (120.83 KiB) Viewed 8241 times

Please do not contact me for trades of the more recent "true sips" that were imported without locale data, or crosses from these recent imports and the NAIB line. I am looking for old line NAIB True Sips only that would have originated from Sean Stewart. I will confirm lineage with Barbara given the recent "muddying" of the NAIB line.

Thanks for looking!