RED LEHMANNI, Bullseyes and more for sale

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RED LEHMANNI, Bullseyes and more for sale

Postby Julio » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:21 pm

Oophaga Lehmani "Red" From Tesoros De Colombia Sustainable Farm Breeders 1.0.2 Trio 3k , 2 of these are adults from the first import, one came in sexed male and is a caller, the other has never called or layed So I cant assume male or female, the 3rd one is a completely unrelated sub adult grow out that has just packed on safe shipping size. I need to get rid of an extra male so I am pairing him with the unsexed Adult and an unsexed Juvi/sub, Message me with any questions at all or for pics if seriously interested(payment plans available). The price is more then fair considering a 1.0.1 would be about the same price, its like getting a male for free and skipping import fees. (ships free alone)

-Oophaga Histrionica "Bullseye" From Tesoros De Colombian Sustainable Farm Breeders- $800 Ea, $2200 for trio of spectacular Sub adult Histrionica Bred by Julio Rodriguez..These have good size already and will likely call or lay late winter fed properly! (ships Free alone)

-Oophaga Pumilio Mimitimbi Colon- $125 Ea, 2 is a group, These are stunning frogs, inquire for pics.
-Dendrobates Leucomelas Standard- $35 Each, 3 for 100$ (4 or more is a group)
-Dendrobates Leucomelas "Blue Foot"- $300 Ea, Spectacular Sub adults with full color bred by John Paganas top notch breeders! 1= a group
Dendrobates Auratus Turquoise- 35 Ea, 3 or more at $33 Ea, 4 is a group
-Dendrobates Leucomelas "Fine Spotted"-$45 Each 3 or more is a group
-Dendrobates "Awarape" Tinctorius $45 Ea, 3 or more is a group
-Dendrobates "Sky blue" Line Azureus, $50 Ea, 3 or more is a group
-Dendrobates Colombian Auratus- $50 Ea, 3 or more is a group
-Oophaga Pumilio "Salt Creek" Female $100
-Dendrobates Auratus CB Super Blue- $45 Ea 3 or more is a group

Pyllobates Mint Terribilis sub adult group 4 in the group. 8 months old $220 for the group

All Tincman Herps frogs Ship with Guaranteed live arrival... Thanks for looking! message me with any questions

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