Sales or Trades- but only Dart Frogs
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Postby Julio » Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:28 pm

--Tincman Herps White Plains 11/27/16 Available!!!
--Oophaga Histrionica "Bullseye"(Gorgeous 100% legal Origin From Tesoros)- $800 Normal Price, Show Special $700 per frog! Ive seen The babies Julios Adults throw & these are fantastic examples of the morph! VEry bright and nearly adult sized!
--Oophaga Histrionica "Blue"(Captive Bred Stunning Frogs about half grown - I will only bring these if presold to avoid stressing the animals, for saving me the shipping cost and concern I will offer them at $2900 for them both instead of 3k to anyone willing to pick them up at the show.. IN fact I will offer another 100 off by way of Store credit. there are pictures of the actual 2 frogs on my page, theyre stunning frogs gaining more color each week...
--Oophaga Sylvatica San Lorenzo- Pretty Sweet little Sub adult frogs- $300 Each, Show Special, a superb choice to anyone wanting to start keeping large obligates..
--Oophaga Pumilio "Rambala" Captive born and bred unsexed Sub adults $180 for both
--Oophaga Pumilio "Blue Jeans" Sexed Pair, I have one pair left to sell, theyre large, healthy and bright red with sweet markings.. sexed pairs are $200
--Oophaga Pumilio Colon "Mimitimbi"- WE have 3 of these rare colons available at $125 Each, not easy to find these days.
--Oophaga Pumilio "Cauchero"- one Sexed Pair available- $275, this pair is a nice Dark Blue Color, soem of this morph can be nearly black, but under good lighting these are a sweet like Navy blue color!
--Oophaga Pumilio "Punta Laurel"- Stunning examples of this bright green spotted Blue legged morph... John really Produced some nice ones!
--Oophaga Pumilio "El Dorado", Young Unsexed Adults- $80 Each
--Oophaga Pumilio "Salt Creek" Female- $80 (Show Special) (really pretty example of the morph) ive had her 9-10 months without a male.
--Ranitomeya Varibilis "Southern" - Sweet unsexed sub adult Trio $185, any extras $60 Each
--Ranitomeya Imitator "Varadero"- $140 for a Trio of well started Juvis, Still a favorite frog of mine, I see all 3 of my breeders daily, very bold and pretty thumbs!
Ranitomeya Benedicta "Shucushuyacu" Morph- $205 Well Started Trio of Juvis!
Dendrobates Leucomelas "Blue Footed/Cerro Autana"- Exceptionally beautiful Examples of this morph produced by John Paganas, these are really nice Size and $300 Each
Dendrobates Leucomelas "Fine-Spotted"-$45 Each Sub Adult/juvie
Dendrobates Leucomelas "Banded"- $40 Each (2 availalble)
Dendrobates Leucomelas "Standard"- 35 Ea, 3 @ 100, $33 ea after 3.
Dendrobates Auratus "Super Blue" -These are F1s from SNDF 12' import & the markings/variation on parents is spectacular... $40 Ea, 3 or more at $35 Ea
Dednrobates Auratus Turq- Young adults with great color, these are $40 Each
Phyllobates Teribilis "Yellow" - $45 Each Juvie
There may be a few surprises at the table ;-) in addition to the following Dry goods & insects:
-20 Watt 16" original Tincman LED 6500k All white, 42 each, 39$ for 3 or more. -20 Watt 16" Mixed Spectrum LED with Red & Blue Diodes $45 Each, $42 Each at 3 or more
-LED "8 Watt 6500K Ultrabright Energy Efficient Full Spectrum- These are same size as traditional 13 Watt Screw in LEDs (about 6.2", but made to use less power and run just as bright! $21 Ea, $19 at 3 or more!
-LED*NEW* 25 Watt 22" Mixed Spectrum 2nd generation, $60, 3 at 55 each, these are amazing and capable of illuminating large 36"W enclosures alone very easily.. THey may also be the largest Screw ins on the LED market.
-Folius Mounts for LEDs- $9 Each, Folius Cords $9, Cord/Mount bundle= $17
-Tincman Herps all natural "SMOOTHIE MEDIA"-HAND MADE with Beets, Carrot, Coconut, banana with premium Food Grade Yeast.. New formula now with Extra Natural Mold inhibition included! $21 for 20 Culture Serving, $45 for 50 Servings & $84 for 100 Servings which is appx 10 lbs of Media. Note this media is so affective with large booms of flies that you save money on fly cups and supplies making less cultures on top of it having healthier ingredients gut loading your feeders then other leading brands including over 4% actual Carotenoids Vitamins & my media is made with Real Organic Fruit!
-Tincman Herps "SPRING-CHOW" Enhanced Collembola Nutrition- 5oz=$8 The best Springtail food Ive used... Made with Premium Yeast, HIgh quality fish food, Fresh dehydrated Potato with Vitamins & Carotenoids Added. Really gets springs booming and only a little sprinkle is needed for good results!
-Premium Food Grade "Brewers Yeast"- 8oz $5.50, can be used as a springtail food or with fly cultures.
-Tincman "Tad Tots" $5.75-Formulated for amphibians nutritional needs. We have created a blend of existing premium Foods that contain High levels of Carotenoids, Vitamin A, D, Calcium in order to attack/prevent Hypovitaminosis in young froglets at the crucial earliest possible stage of life (pre-morph).. This food is high in protein, Carotenoids & contains a top grade Spirulina as well.
-Premium Large Tannin Rich True Indian Almond leaves- $7 for 10 huge leaves in a Zipbag.
-Tincman Herps "Natural Botanical Mite Spray"- Generous 32oz Spray Bottle, just $11, Great for around the fly cultures, even freshens the air a bit.
-Dendrocare Lg 100 Gram container $10.99- Hands down the best All in one Vitamin on the Market in my experience, Loaded with Calcium, D3 Vtiamin A this supplement was designed for amphibians specifically where others are not. note I carry in small quantity to enable the offering of the freshest possible product and usually have expirations 3 years in the future on these! Bundle with naturalrose and save $2
-NATURALROSE- Ultrafine Carotenoid 2oz= $18 , Carotenoids function not only as being the best natural supplement for color enhancement in frogs, but there is data proving that they have roles in improving Viability of Egg to Offspring success rates in a study done on Oophaga by an amphibian biologist. Also they function as Coenzymes and help metabolize other key vitamins in Amphibians. These are a good addition to a supplement regimen. Bundle with 100 gram dendrocare and save $2
-Custom Sherman Tanks Exo Terra Lids- These are being sold exclusively by Tincman Herps. No one is better than Sherman Tanks at custom enclosure and vivaria design.. these lids are made with high quality 1/4" glass, stainless steal vents that will never rust & theyre designed to fit just inside the inner lip frames of all the 12x12" and 18"x18" footprint various exo terra enclosures. They make it easier to control humidity then manipulating the standard screen tops with homemade covers & the 18" all ship predrilled for mistking nozzles.. The 12" can be drilled at an extra $6 cost for a nozzle if requested. These not only provide obvious functional advantage over standard tops, but simply put, they also look better then the alternatives.
-$35for 12x12" Custom Sherman Exo Lid
-$50 for 18x18" Custom Sherman Exo Lid
Tincman Herps
-standard booming Spring cultures- $10 Each
-Master Springtail cultures with thousands of springs (probably the best you will ever buy) $50 Each master culture
Tincman Gliders- very limited number of producing Fruit fly cultures set to Boom day before/day of white plains $8 Each

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Postby goods » Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:35 pm

Don't you think selling histrionica at 2 months old is a little early?

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Postby Julio » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:12 pm

they are fairly big, so no i dont think so!

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