Getting my first frogs soon - big plant list

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Getting my first frogs soon - big plant list

Postby chrisaggie » Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:38 pm

:idea: I have a 65 gallon terrarium I set up about 5 months ago. It is maturing nicely so far. I installed a Mist King misting system which comes on for 1 minutes, 3 times a day. The terrarium has a false bottom. The substrate is peat with sheet moss on top. The background and accent wood pieces are cork and cypress wood. Below is a list of plants I currently have in the terrarium. I will also try to post a picture. Please give me any feedback you may have about the plants. Will the ric rac be ok? I plan to culture fruit flies to feed my froggies. Thanks in advance for any help.

West Indian tufted airplant
Vanilla planifolia 'Tetraploid' – giant vanilla
Vanilla planifolia - variegated vanilla
Vanilla phaeantha – regular vanilla
Hydnophytum formacarium – ant plant
Dischidia pectinoides - Ant plant vine
Shingle vines
Earth stars
African violet
Ghost orchid
Butterfly orchid
Ric Rac cactus – ok with frogs?
Rhipsalis – thin branching
Various ferns
Scindapsus pictus
Other small orchid
Lycopodium hamiltonii
Sheet moss
Spanish Moss
Variegated creeping ficus
Small nepenthes
Various tillandsia
Small bromeliads
Jewel orchid
Corsican mint
Pepperomia – unknown species


Brock Fluharty

Postby Brock Fluharty » Fri Nov 25, 2005 3:32 pm

Wow, that's an awesome terrarium. What type of frogs are you planning on getting? I'm assuming either something big, or a hole bunch of medium or small ones!

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Cindy Dicken
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Postby Cindy Dicken » Mon Nov 28, 2005 10:47 pm

the ric rac, I'm not sure of, but be careful of the spanish moss. Some people have had frogs get tangled in it.
What type of lighting are you using?
That is a good looking tank, and quite a plant list!

Cindy Dicken
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Re: Getting my first frogs soon

Postby Philsuma » Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:43 pm

That's a lotta cool green ya got there.

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