Your favorite climbing plants

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Your favorite climbing plants

Postby ZenMonkey » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:56 pm

(Yes, I'm posting this everywhere!)

I'm going to be using a Zoo Med cork tile background for an 18x18x24 vivarium. I'm wondering what are some of your favorite climbing or other plants you would recommend for growing on this background. I'm open to anything that will make for a naturalistic background with a minimum of effort.

I've bookmarked a couple of threads on this topic here, but just curious which ones you like best. I've heard pellonia and creeping fig so far, but I'm also open to mosses or plants that grow downwards. The only one I know I don't want is wandering Jew from what I've read about it. Is folius moss good for this?

(I've also heard you can use bromeliads for this? But I'm not sure how to plant/attach it to the wall. I'll probably have a couple of shelves though.)

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Re: Your favorite climbing plants

Postby joneill809 » Tue Jul 01, 2014 6:44 pm

Hey Joey! I'm sure you'll get lots of opinions from folks far more experienced with plants than me, but I have really taken to Selaginella erythropus (aka peacock spike moss) since it sends out low trailing runners and sticks to just about anything. I am not a big plant guy, so whatever lives...I like. In my experience it seems to look better cascading down. If you like bigger frogs, it stands up to having the snot beat out of it. You'll often find my tincs on the upper ledges of their vivs just sitting on the stuff. I posted some updated pictures for you here

I also like using Pilea involucrata "Friendship" on my backgrounds. It has a nice tinc sized leaf and it grows quickly. It's pretty easy to train up and down and it propagates well. Again not a traditional opinion on climbing plants, but those are the two that work great for me on backgrounds.
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