Mold/ moss growing in vivarium

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Mold/ moss growing in vivarium

Postby _ld99 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:15 am

So for the past month, I have noticed a copper/ brown colored mold/ moss growing in my tank. It is on my grapewood and in the soil a little bit. The frogs dont seem to mind it. The one actually sleeps on it. But do you guys have any idea what this is? Thanks ... E68mb1uagj

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Re: Mold/ moss growing in vivarium

Postby Philsuma » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:14 pm

If it's not green, then it isn't moss.

Slime molds are fairly common in Dart Frog Vivaria. They are usually grown from over-saturated conditions. You see them in enclosures with waterfalls ect. Usually they 'peter out' on their own after an undetermined amount of time. I have never heard of molds being detrimental to frogs, so I would not worry.

Check your soil and overall humidity and make sure you don't have oversaturated or 'water-logged' conditions.It's fairly common for newer hobbyists to have soil that is too wet.

Finally, consider adding 1-3 layers of leaf litter - live oak and also magnolia are the two best leaves for our purposes. Leaf litter can be googled and purchased from a Dart Frog Vendor or business pretty easily.

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