I'm offically a herpsomething

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I'm offically a herpsomething

Postby Lanthia » Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:56 pm

Today, I think I am officially a herpien...no wait that means a creep..well that might be true. A herpetoaficionado? A herpetological enthusiastette? Ha ha. Okay, so I went to my first herp show. Pretty cool but not many dfs. It was Oklahoma City's first show. Not a real good turn out but it was a small show. Tulsa Ok is the big shows so I will have to attend one of them. Not sure I would buy from a stranger.

I saw some highland bronzes? I think tincs. Is that close? I need to take notes. They were bronze and aqua and very pretty.

I also found out I can't do geckos because they will outlive me but I held the cutest eyelash/crested gecko. Was so soft...who knew?

I found out I am definitely not a snake person. I'm pretty sure I would have to get some tats and piercings first. I think it is a rule. Way too chicken for either...not to mention too old.

I did buy some leaf litter and some ffs since everyone seems to be out of them.

Meanwhile, my little darling rio brancos are doing fine. Life is good.

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