Our Dendrobates tinctorious 'Azureus' vivarium

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Re: Our Dendrobates tinctorious 'Azureus' vivarium

Postby joneill809 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:03 pm

I have a lot of Peperomia caperata in my vivs. My most established specimen is in the azureus viv and it sprouted a flower stalk that has been growing nicely for about 3 weeks. Here are a few images - for those of you unfamiliar with P. caperata it is the wrinkly looking plant at the bottom of the photo - the flower stalk has actually grown up through peacock moss on a bark ledge above the plant:

This is an 18x18x24 viv - measured from the base of the plant, this stalk is over a foot tall with the flower stalk exceeding 4 inches. Here's a close up of the stalk:

I got into the hobby for the frogs, but even my run of the mill starter plants are turning out to be quite fun to watch as they develop :)
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