Pacific Northwest Reptile and Exotic Animal Show 3/28-29

Check here for local hobbyists near you. Also, if you need FF cultures quickly from someone living nearby.
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Pacific Northwest Reptile and Exotic Animal Show 3/28-29

Postby JL-Exotics » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:50 pm

The PACNW Reptile Show is March 28th & 29th in Hillsboro, Oregon. Come see JL-Exotics for great deals on frogs and supplies!

Cb treefrogs

Redeyes – juveniles $24.99 ea or 5/$100
Redeyes - juveniles - Double Het for Black/Albino - $85 each or 4/$300
Hylomantis Lemur – juvenile $59.99 ea or 5/$275
Hyla marmorata (aka: bird poop frog) – froglets $30 ea
Australian blue whites treefrog - $29.99 ea
Cruziohyla calcarifer - $199.99 ea. or 5/$875 unrelated bloodlines available.

Direct from Tesoros de Colombia:

P. terribilis 'Orange - Black Foot' - $84.00 ea
P. aurotaenia 'Green' - $39.99 *DEAL OF THE SHOW*
P. aurotaenia 'Yellow' - $39.99 *DEAL OF THE SHOW*
D. truncatus 'Yellow' (Nilo) - Juveniles $39.99 - Probable pairs for $149.99

Other Darts:

D. Tinctorius azureus $39.99 ea or 3/$100
D. Tinctorius True Sip (F1) $79.99 ea
D. Leucomelas 'Banded' - $49.99 ea or 3/$120
D. Leucomelas 'Fine Spot' - $59.99 ea
Assorted auratus - $29.99 - $79.99
P. Vittatus - $25 ea
P. bicolor 'Orange' - $39.99


HUGE SELECTION of Universal Rock backgrounds and rocks/ledges perfect for waterfalls and decoration inside the vivs.
HUGE SELECTION of Universal BRANCHES AND TREE STUMPS - easy to plant and looks amazing!
Current USA LED strip lights
Exo Terra terrariums and decor
Live Sheet Moss
Leaf litter
Fired Clay Pellets
Soil Mix
Silicone (black & clear)
Water pumps
Fruit flies
Fruit Fly media (2 sizes avail)
Cricket Gut Load (Rainforest Junkies)

and much much more!

email with questions: contact(a)

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