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Postby Armson » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:34 pm

I know, I know it sounds ridiculous. But allow me to explain...

About ~2 years ago a close frogger buddy offered me a pair of redheads. My wonderful wife contacted him behind my back and tried to purchase them for me as a Christmas gift. My buddy went by strict bro code and never told my wife how much they were. ( If you are married you know how awesome this is ) Well I was granted permission to buy these frogs and I finally had a pair of redheaded histos. They were awesome!

Well fast forward to 6 months ago. I notice that the female is acting just a tad strange. Not as mobile as she usually is. Work ends up going to hell and I end having to travel all over the place. I get back from a very long extended trip and notice that the female is gone. I figure she is just hiding and leave it alone for about a month. After a month passes I grow concerned and begin to look for her. There is no trace of her after tearing down the viv.

So now what? Well i figure that I will just find another female eventually and my wife will be none the wiser.

Remember that I mentioned having to travel? Guess who was watching the frogs? She starts getting concerned she hasn't seen the female in a few months. I just brush it off and tell her she is hiding. But the need to secure a replacement has now increased.

3 weeks ago.
I never heard the histos call. I was almost convinced it was 2 females . Well all of a sudden the dumb ass male decides it's time to start calling, front and center in plain view. So my wife sees this and becomes all excited that we are going to see tadpoles and eventually froglets. Now I am getting emails at work from my wife saying she is positive that they are laying eggs because the male has been calling and the female must be tending to the tadpoles.

Wife: "Your going to have froglets soon aren't you excited?!?!?"
Me: "Oh yeah!"

Soooo for the love of god someone PM me if they have a spare RH available. or even a pair, right now I don't care.

Some question you might be asking.....

1) "Dude, why not come clean?"
Answer - You are clearly not married. Allow me to explain... While I could come clean to my wife, this sets me up for "Oh i see you can spend all that money on some stupid expensive frog that just dies but i can't buy this ridiculously over priced dress,purse, shoes, etc" This will kick off an argument that I cannot win. Eventually I will end up giving in to her demands and she will use this argument at least 4-5 times.

2) "Buddy, what happens if you get another male?"
Answer - I will pretend like they have been that way the entire time and convince her that I now need to buy two females.

3) If I am offered a Pair....
Answer - pull the lone frog put in the pair act like the other one is an offspring.

4)"Isn't your wife going to be able to tell?"
Answer - I am hoping that someone will be able to provide me with a somewhat close match.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Postby Philsuma » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:53 pm

Oh the tangled webs we weave....

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