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Azureus legs look funny (spindly leg syndrome)?

Hospital - Stress, Injuries, Disease and Treatments    11 Replies

pet_tree_gnat, 05-14-2020, 11:20 AM

Hey guys I got a frog on a trade late last night and it was hard to see until this morning.  What do you guys think, is this a problem?  Is this metabolic bone disease or spindly leg syndrome? Or just flexible and thin?

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Rare Brazilian plants import to U.S ?

Plants - Bromeliads, Aroids, Moss, Soil, Pests    1 Replies

pet_tree_gnat, 05-12-2020, 12:56 PM

My friend is stuck in quarantine in tropical paradise on the beach in Brazil.  Are there any plants he can bring back legally that are hard to find here?

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Springtails vs Mites - Let's get it on!

Feeder Insects, Nutrition - How to feed your Frogs    6 Replies

Philsuma, 05-12-2020, 10:46 AM

Springtail vs Mites...

I have heard the theory that all things being equal, Springtails will 'out populate' mites. 

I kinda believe that. I really only think that Mites take over a FF Cx is when the flies are not producing for either old age or poorly made founding stock or possible environmental factors.

Mite contamination in springtail cx's happens in two ways:

1. Springtail cxs are place too close to FF cxs and the mites simply walk onto the Springtail cxs

2. Mites arrive at the Springtail cxs on an escaped FF. FFs normally 'carry' grain mites that are just hanging out on the legs or the body of the fly. Not SUCKING the blood of the fly, just crawling around or tucked onto the fly. 

The FF desires to get moisture from the Springtail CX and finds an opening and settles on the Springtail CX media. The grain Mite(s) then disembark the Fly Taxi and voila.....mite contamination. 

Any thoughts? Theories?

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Some of my frog pics

Dart Frog Photographs / Wild Habitat Pics    18 Replies

pet_tree_gnat, 05-11-2020, 10:50 PM

I currently have seven dart frog tanks going. Here are some of my little friends.

Phylobates terribilis in a 36x18x36

Dendrobates leucomelas in 36 xtall

Dendrobates tinctorius azureus

Ranitomeya lamasi now sirensis

Dendrobates tinctorius Patricia

Dendrobates auratus El cope

Oophaga pumilio blue jeans

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ABG or similar wanted

Wanted - Looking for....    2 Replies

Philsuma, 05-11-2020, 10:29 PM

I need at least 10-20 gallons of well-made ABG

Shipping to Central Pennsyltucky.

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2020 Photograph of the Month POTM Recap

Photograph of the Month    No Replies

Philsuma, 05-11-2020, 10:24 AM

This thread is only for Admin posting of the Recap of each Month's POTM

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Large vertical vivarium for Oophaga

Enclosures, Setup and Construction    1 Replies

Philsuma, 05-09-2020, 11:52 PM

Big tank...real deep.

Needs H.O Lighting fer sure.

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The right water tool for the job

Lighting, Misting Systems, Tweaks, Modifications    1 Replies

Philsuma, 05-08-2020, 07:54 PM

Just like a mechanic or carpenter has a lot of different tools for different do we.

Water bottles, misters, sprayers, squirt bottles, big and small.

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Robot Vacuum and Basement tile floors.

Lighting, Misting Systems, Tweaks, Modifications    3 Replies

Philsuma, 05-07-2020, 01:42 PM

Holy F, I do not know how I ever lived without a Robot Vacuum before!!

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Oophaga sylvatica 'Alto Tambo' breeding pair pics

Dart Frog Photographs / Wild Habitat Pics    4 Replies

Philsuma, 05-06-2020, 06:46 PM

Be careful you don't get burned by the molten LAVA.

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